Vitamin C Mystery

Unless your fruit is tree ripened and fresh the vitamin C content will be diminished.

Unless your fruit is tree ripened and fresh the vitamin C content will be diminished.

VITAMIN C IS AN ENIGMA … yet it is not controversial at all. Science gladly admits the necessity of vitamin C supplement in every human’s diet.  Vitamin C is a full-fledged essential nutrient.  That means that every person REQUIRES vitamin C each and every day! Do you wonder why?  It is a truly strange and wonderful tale!

First let’s look at the animal kingdom on planet earth.  All the animals (except humans, primates, and guinea pigs) make their own vitamin C right in their own bodies.  That’s right.  Animals such as tigers, turkeys, mules, squirrels, crocodiles, etc. all make their own vitamin C in either their liver or in their kidney.  Do you frown and wonder why they can and we can’t?

Well, it’s true.  In days of old, the reason sailors developed scurvy while at sea yet the ship’s rats didn’t develop scurvy is that the rats’ bodies manufactured vitamin C and the sailors’ bodies couldn’t.  Why couldn’t they?  Science has found that the human liver cannot make an essential enzyme, L-gluonolactone oxidase (GULO) enzyme, that is needed to synthesize vitamin C.  And the human liver can’t manufacture this enzyme because that function is turned off in human DNA.    So at some point in the future, science may learn how to turn ON this capability for us humans.  However, at this point in time, we have to eat foods rich in vitamin C or we have to take a vitamin C supplement. WE MUST!


Goat’s bodies can manufacture about 13 grams of vitamin C per day in normal health, and if the goat is stressed or sick its body can make 20 grams per day, or more.  A dog’s body can make about 18mg of vitamin C for every pound of body weight (for example, a 50-lb. dog produces about 900mg per day).  The daily amounts of vitamin C produced by animals vary between 1,000 mg and 20,000 mg. compared to human body weight.   The body reservoir (pool) of vitamin C in people is on average 10 -100 times LOWER than the vitamin C levels in animals.

The RDI (recommended daily intake) from the FDA is 60 mg per day, for a human.  This is the amount that a 4 pound dog makes and needs every day for his body.  And this is the amount that will prevent scurvy in humans (that’s how the FDA came up with that number).  However … vitamin C plays so many roles besides simply preventing scurvy.


Top scientists believe that the most important role of vitamin C is “structural”.  Vitamin C is absolutely necessary for the formation of strong collagen by our body. What does this collagen do?  It forms the blood vessel walls.  When the collagen is weak because sufficient vitamin C is not available, the artery and capillary walls leak and the body manufactures cholesterol to fill in the cracks and gaps.  What is wonderful is that when sufficient vitamin C is absorbed by the body, strong collagen will be again produced and all the arteries will be strengthened and the arteries have been known to shed the excess plaque, in clinical trials.

Another structure that requires strong collagen to form is the bone matrix. This matrix is a webbing of collagen that minerals deposit into.  Our bones are a kind of “lathe and plaster” arrangement in which minerals hang in a web of collagen.  This understanding explains why taking calcium, magnesium and boron do not automatically strengthen bones.  In bone loss, if the bone matrix is not strong and ample then taking pounds of minerals will not rebuild the bones because there is no place to hang these minerals.  Strong collagen is necessary FIRST and that requires PLENTY of vitamin C.

Vitamin C serum strengthens skin, supports healing and reduces aging.

Prevent skin aging with vitamin C serum

Of course, the skin benefits from stronger collagen as do the eyes (cataract prevention), both are incredibly important structures that you’ll want to strengthen with the optimal amount of vitamin C.  And when preparing for surgery, remember that having plenty of vitamin C in your system will hasten wound healing.


Vitamin C helps the body utilize iron and folic acid, two top anti-aging nutrients.
It is also required for synthesis of hormones, neurotransmitters, and other important substances needed for metabolism. This means that your brain, and energy production are both dependent on adequate vitamin C.  Do you wonder what the effect of optimizing your vitamin C intake would be?


In addition to these functions, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. It neutralizes free radicals before they have a chance to damage our cells. It protects us from UV rays of the sun, against smoke, and DNA damage.  Vitamin C is arguably one of the most important antioxidants in our human physiology for its versatility and wide ranging presence.  Additionally, vitamin C plays a role in the recycling of vitamins E and A.


There are many good things to say about getting your vitamins from food (Whole Food Nutrition), but take a moment and consider this.  Plants make vitamin C for the sake of the plant (not because they want to feed it to you).  When we harvest a plant the vitamin C begins to degrade.  It is actually being used up by the fruit or vegetable to prevent rotting and oxidation.  The longer the plant is stored, the less vitamin C is left.  So that means that the best food to buy is fresh picked today.

Oops, there’s one more thing to mention about that.  Vitamin C content is the highest in food ripened on the vine*.  Vitamin C stops being produced by the plant as soon as it is picked.  So, those fruits that are picked “green”, stored in warehouses, shipped across country, and then you buy them …and THEN they ripen …please don’t think that they will contain vitamin c in any substantial amount! (*A few tropical fruits are exceptions but they really taste sour.)


So, now you know.  You must purchase vine ripened fruits and vegetables and then eat them asap to get the total value of vitamin C that they contain.  One of the saddest pieces of news for most readers is that heat denatures vitamin C.  On the average, about 25% of the vitamin C can be lost by cooking or steaming fruits or vegetables just for a few minutes.  Cooking fruits and vegetables for 10-20 minutes may result in reducing the levels of Vitamin C by more than half.  Canned fruits and veggies retain only 33%  (lose 67%) of what they started with. In freezing and unthawing, 25% of the vitamin C may be lost and that’s before you apply the heat to cook them.  What this means is  – Take a supplement!


Vitamin C is far too important to ignore.  Known as an essential biological molecule, it is inexpensive and indispensable.  Get it for yourself and get it for a loved one.  Give them this article and give them a package of vitamin C or a jar of Vitamin C Serum.

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