Delicious Collagen Supplement Promotes “Fast Healing”

Most delicious frothy pink grapefruit collagen crust

Satisfying Juicy Pink Grapefruit Collagen Crush Libation

My first adventure with collagen supplements took place in 1983 when I learned about a fast healing protocol that sports doctors were using for athletes’ injuries.  Dr. Bernd Friedlander, sports physician,  had formulated this Fast Healing Protocol using specific amino acids, mineral co-factors, and vitamin C.

Ball teams needed a sports doctor for several reasons, first – to help prevent injuries, second – when the players do sustain an injury, the sports doctor helps the player to heal quickly so he can get back to the playing field.

Dr. Bernd Friedlander’s fast healing protocol was based on loading the body with the necessary nutrients  to produce connective tissue, or collagen.  Back then he utilized l-proline.  But as time went by, it became clear that free form amino acids were not the best choice.  Collagen peptides, derived from organic cattle provided the purest source of collagen that had superior bio-availability.

Collagen peptides are bioavailable because of the low molecular weight (below 1000) of these tiny peptides that the digestive tract can easily absorb.  The old amino acid protocol only contained proline, but the new collagen peptide protocol contains proline, lysine and glycine.  Glycine helps the liver to detoxify stored chemicals.  It also has been helpful in quickening recovery from injuries.

The other amino acids in the collagen peptide form work to repair musculo-skeletal injuries, reduce inflammation, improve hydration of the connective tissues, improves joint flexibility, improves cellular calcium uptake, increases metabolic rate, improves sleep, reduces pain, and improves the quality of hair and nails.

Athletes and body builders take protein supplements to support muscle repair and growth, however, most protein supplements do NOT contain the raw materials needed by the body to repair corresponding connective tissue damage.    This collagen peptide collagen supplement, taken as a food supplement, provides the proper ratios of amino acids needed for collagen production.  Collagen Peptides also contains natural glucosamine and hyaluronic acid which supports connective tissue repair as well as providing hydrating and a volumnizing effect due to the natural ability of connective tissues to hold water.

With the original use of proline, the non-essential amino acid, Dr. Friedlander achieved a 40% decrease of healing time for bone break or burn.  Soft tissue injuries also responded with accelerated healing to his protocol.  But when he replaced the free form amino acids with collagen peptides, the protocol achieved a halving of healing time so that an injury that normally would have taken 3 months to heal would now heal in 1.5 months.

Of course, this was studied with athletes who are in the best shape that the coach can order them to be in.  Elderly or malnourished people may not respond as quickly.  The anti-aging crowd has taken these collagen peptides to heart as they supply all that is needed for tissue repair when combined with vitamin C and minerals.

Collagen peptide collagen supplements are being used by models and actors to produce improvement in skin, hair and nails and they are not disappointed.

The most delicious way we have found to take this collagen supplement is to pour a glass of fresh pink grapefruit juice.  Take a hand blender and begin blending the juice while pouring in a scoop of collagen peptide.  It will froth up into a wonderful pink foam that tastes great and contains deep foundational nutrition.  Collagen Peptides with Amino Acids is our favorite collagen supplement, but we also carry plain Collagen Peptide.  The choice is yours.

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