Hydrolyzed Collagen Supplement for Digestion, Anti-Aging & Accelerated Healing

Coconut protein, hydrolyzed collagen, and colostrum plus cofactor vitamins and minerals.

Athletic performance, body building, and healing are all packed into this 1 lb. 8 oz tub!

Collagen supplements are the modern form of the rich bone broths that our great grandparents used to eat on a regular basis. The current dietary trend is aimed away from eating the whole animal including connective tissue, bone tips and the gelatin that grandma used to cook out of chickens or fish for her family.  However, our hydrolyzed collagen supplement can serve the modern health enthusiast who does not have days free to cook nutritious meals and instead relies on what he can purchase in a health food store or an online web store.

At Vitamin Monkey, we’ve found that Dr. Bernd Friedlander Collagen Peptides with Amino Acids is the collagen supplement of choice.  The easy absorption of the finest collagen peptides and high grade amino acids makes this the perfect supplement to prevent many of the signs of premature aging.  Possibly this effect is due to collagens ability to heal and restore the GI tract.  Collagen supports the mucous membrane of the intestinal tract and guards it against insult from what is eaten that does not agree with the person. This collagen supplement also provides the main raw materials for production of healthy new tissue.

Collagen peptide gives the body the highly desirable amino acids proline and glycine among others that are the foundation of the production of new collagen by the body.  These amino acids are needed to form essential structures such as arteries, veins, elastin, and bone matrix (the webbing that supports the mineral content of the bones and is responsible for their flexibility). Tendons, cartilage, skin, and almost all the connective tissue is composed of collagen and we CANNOT produce new collagen without these amino acids.

It is true that our body can produce small amounts of proline and therefore proline is labeled as a non-essential amino acid.  For this reason it is omitted from many amino acid supplements.  However, when the body is stressed by an injury, the body can NOT produce enough proline to optimize healing.  That means the body must resort to breaking down existing tissue and using the proline from that to accomplish healing.  Another option is just to heal slowly, as proline becomes available.  Slow healing means slow tissue repair. When our tissue repair is slow we begin to see the break down in skin and connective tissue that is a symptom of accelerated aging.

This is the reason that Dr. Bernd Friedlander put together his first ‘accelerated healing protocol” in the early ‘80s.  His clients were professional athletes who need to heal injuries of bone or soft tissue as quickly as possible so that they can rejoin their team mates and play through out the season.  Dr. Friedlander developed a protocol that helped these athletes heal in half the time.  Over the years he has evolved this fast healing formula into the Dr. Bernd Friedlander line of collagen products.

The latest addition to his line is the High Performance Coconut-Collagen Protein Formula with Colostrum.  This powerful supplement is already used by champion athletes and an endorsement will soon be public.  Obviously an additional benefit of this formula is its bodybuilding capability.  This blend contains the benefits of coconut milk protein, hydrolyzed collagen, colostrum, glycine, potassium, Acetyl L-carnitine, glutamine, alpha-lipoic acid, cinnamon and vanadium.

This collagen supplement also provides Vitamin C, D, E, K, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6 that is absolutely necessary to amino acid metabolism and the formation of collagen by your own body, folate, B12, biotin, pantothenic acid, calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and chromium, in substantial amounts.  A natural vanilla flavor completes this product and makes it unique among collagen supplements.

We had previously seen that Collagen Peptides with Amino Acids was our most popular product, but we expect that the new High Performance Colostrum product which is based on hydrolyzed collagen will be a contender, especially because it is well priced at approximately $65 per tub. If you want to try the new High Performance Coconut-collagen Protein Formula with Colostrum, it is currently on SPECIAL.  While supply lasts.

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