Collagen Supplement Maintains Bone Size and Shape

The world of collagen supplements is full of beauty and health and science.  But the latest scientific revelation really shocked us.

If you can stretch your imagination to consider that facial wrinkles actually deliver a benefit … then you might also think that no one would really be willing to make the trade-off to receive THAT benefit.

Well, around the beginning of the year a study was published that linked facial wrinkles (their depth,  length and number) to … both high and low bone density.

Young female skull on the left, aged female skull on the right.

Facial bones shrink over time and cause a reduction of the bony foundation of the face.

And the conclusions drawn were a little scary.

It seems that the presence of facial wrinkles is linked with bone loss!  At this point, any reader who possesses a wrinkle may already be starting to sweat.

So, the “benefit” you get from your wrinkles is an early warning that the facial changes you see in your mirror mean some degenerative changes are underway at a deeper level of your body.  See what I mean … a rather dismal blessing.

However, what this study told me (and my wrinkles) is that I really want to be serious about regular use of a collagen supplement.  The study that I will soon describe reveals something we already know … that wrinkles are not a cosmetic problem to take care of with injections.  Instead, wrinkles are a symptom of a whole body lack of raw materials with which to perform nightly tissue repair. And this scarcity of raw-material amino acids or peptides  serves up wrinkles in two ways!

The research study took 125 women (post menopausal) in the age range of 45 – 55 years, and measured the firmness of their skin, the number of wrinkles each had, and also the depth and length of each wrinkle.  Quite an inventory! Then they tested the density of their bones and also tested for bone mass.

Unfortunately the conclusions were just as expected … the more wrinkles each women had the greater was her bone loss.

In fact the ladies with the firmest facial skin (even though their ages were comparable) had no apparent bone loss.  The women with the most wrinkles had the lowest bone density.

The common factor in both bone and skin is collagen. Both of these organs have structural components made of collagen and when there is a lack of raw materials to create collagen the collagen breaks down.  Body collagen must have nightly tissue repair to not show degenerative changes because worn out collagen must be replaced.

I’d like to point out now that the very best collagen, Dr. Bernd Friedlander’s Collagen Peptides with Amino Acids (along with a healthy dose of vitamin C) is what is needed to support this nightly tissue repair.

Dr. Bernd Friedlander told me that the scientists are going further with these studies so we’ll be hearing more. But a really interesting aspect of this inquiry is the relationship of bone loss to bone size.

This is important especially for the facial bones which are tiny to start with.  When osteoporosis sets in, the jaw bone and the facial bones lose mass.  They actually become MUCH smaller.  Since the facial bones support the musculature and skin of the face, you can visualize that the flesh has a smaller surface area to attach to.

That shrinkage of the bony facial foundation actually contributes to folds forming in the skin.  The combination of shrinking facial bones due to lack of collagen peptides, combined with aging collagen in the skin can lead to an accelerated “aging” or collapse of the face.

Get that collagen supplement now! It can really strengthen your entire body since collagen makes up such a large part of so many body systems.  When collagen is “well fed” it is stronger than steel.  You can get that strong collagen for your arteries, your bones, and your cartilage and skin with Dr. Bernd Friedlander’s collagen supplements.  They are the very best quality we can find!

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  1. Faustin says:

    Great site! I’ll watch for your on-going information flow to guide my nutrient supplement purchases. I am also particularly interested in live food, organic and glutton free sources. Thanks for your help.

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