Collagen, Cats & BIG SALE


Alert with bright eyes, and a beautiful coat and strong energy is the result of the addition of collagen to your pet's diet.

Add collagen peptides with amino acids to strengthen all systems of your animal friend.

The latest news from one of our most essential product lines, Dr. Bernd Friedlander’s collagen products, is twofold. First, we can now recommend his collagen products for PETS.

Dr. Friedlander’s own cat demonstrates substantial improvement in his energy, coat and bone density since that cat is getting the collagen peptides plus amino acids.

For a small animal use 6 – 8 grams, for a large dog use 8 – 15 grams.  Either mix the collagen into wet food or mix it into some slightly warmed chicken broth and pour it over their food. Yum!


The second announcement from Dr. Friedlander regards the absorbability of his collagen peptides. As you may know, Dr. Friedlander has secured and exclusive source of the finest collagen from grass-fed European cattle and his processing utilizes enzymes INSTEAD of acids or heat.  The size of his collagen peptide molecules is the smallest on the market.  This means it is the most absorbable.  And this means that it is super easy for your body to incorporate his collagen supplement into repairing YOUR own tissues.

Best collagen for absorption, healing and body building.

Collagen Peptides Plus Amino Acids is the favorite of most customers!

Collagen Peptides with Amino Acids (our best seller) supplies 4 additional amino acids to support tissue repair and wound healing:

  • Glycine – muscle growth, helps release human growth hormone (HGH) which is essential for tissue repair, glycine is required for producing glutathione & glucose tolerance factor (GTF)
  • L-glutamine – taking collagen is known to heal the gut and glutamine is the reason why, and it’s also essential for muscle building- may as well have extra!
  • Taurine – repair for brain, heart and liver
  • Carnitine – Production of energy at the mitochondria level, strengthens heart tissue and ability to exercise, helps memory


We usually have some of our favorite products on sale so that you will be interested to try them.  But NOW we have the entire line of Dr. Bernd Friedlander’s products on sale for 15% OFF !  This gives you an opportunity to stock up … or try new products.  I’d recommend the vitamin C serum for your skin as it is definitely the BEST !

The very BEST solution for killing MRSA

A clinical study of over 300 patients showed 67% of skin sores that refused to heal for over a year actually closed within 1 week, and all closed and healed within 5 weeks.


Also on sale for 15% off are two of our MRSA products (good for any chronic infection & also for preventing MRSA). Silver Biotics for MRSA & ASAP Gel for MRSA work great and are most effective when you take both.  So take advantage of our sale and get a few.  Silver Biotics also kicks candida and fungus right off your body.

Sale starts today, August 18th and runs until LABOR DAY, September 5th.  Come on down!

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