Waste Product Becomes Super Food

Of all the super-foods I know of, stabilized rice bran holds the most promise for healing the body in situations of both degenerative breakdown and contagious infection.  This is a bold statement however, I have looked at the literature, spoken with scientists, talked to patients, viewed videos of natives in Africa who were experimentally given the rice bran, read their letters, and even had a lengthy conversation with the inventor of the stabilization process for rice bran, Nana Patricia McPeak. Continue reading

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Is Ashitaba for Real?

Ashitaba is a unique Asian green vegetable rich in the highly potent antioxidant – chalcone. Recent studies in Japan and the US show that chalcone helps guard against heart problems, cancer, oxidation of LDL cholesterol, osteoporosis, diabetes  and even Alzheimer’s disease. Donald Buhler and his colleagues at Oregon State University discovered that the minute amount of chalcone present in hops was six times as potent as those antioxidants found in citrus fruits, almost four times as potent as those in soy and two times more potent than those of green tea. Continue reading

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Getting a “Good” Nights Sleep

Excerpted from a posting on the mercola.com website.

The rate of breast cancer in Western countries is 10 percent higher in the left breast than in the right. This also is true for the skin cancer melanoma.

Researchers have suggested a surprising explanation for this — and for the dramatic increase in rates of breast cancer and melanoma over the past three decades.

In Japan, there is no correlation between the rates of melanoma and breast cancer, and there is no left-side prevalence for either disease. The rate of breast cancer in Japan is also significantly lower than in the West.

This may be due to differences in sleeping habits in Japan and Western countries. Previous research has shown that people prefer to sleep on their right sides, possibly as a way of reducing weight stress on the heart.

This is most likely the same in both the East and the West, but the futons used for sleeping in Japan are mattresses placed directly on the bedroom floor, in contrast to the elevated box springs and mattress of beds used in the West. Continue reading

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The start of great things

Vitamin Monkey will bring you NEWS YOU CAN USE. We won’t deliver reports on breakthroughs that may be available in ten or twenty years, instead we’ll show you the cutting edge of health that can be purchased today! Our health insider monkey scours the globe and brings back the latest scientific research and the newest superfoods from the Amazon and Antarctic. Tune in here for the current, up to the minute understanding of what to eat and what to buy.

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