ANCIENT PLANTS Respond to Urgent Need

The most urgent nutritional need we all have in 2011 is for Original Sea Veg

Pristine waters yield kelp that contains nutrient factors we are missing.

This friendly sea plant supplies iodine to support your thyroid

Original Sea Veg and Super Sea Veg, are formulated by FarmaSea Health, LLC. These wild crafted superfood-based supplements are blends of 12 seaweeds known as the world’s “oldest plants”.   Why take them?  It’s really simple …

Foremost – Sea Veg provides today’s #1 needed nutrient – your MINERALS! Seaweed expert, Shep Erhart explains, “Every second of every day your body depends on minerals to generate billions of tiny electric impulses throughout your nervous system. Your heart would stop, your muscles would freeze, and your brain would black out if these minerals were not available in just the right amounts and the right form…”

And, in case you did not realize it … your vitamins do NOT work without their mineral co-factors!

GET SEA VEG NOW and save on free shipping!

FarmaSea’s blend of sea vegetables, as found in Original Sea Veg, contains more than 60 times the mineral content of land plants, Continue reading

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Collagen, Cats & BIG SALE


Alert with bright eyes, and a beautiful coat and strong energy is the result of the addition of collagen to your pet's diet.

Add collagen peptides with amino acids to strengthen all systems of your animal friend.

The latest news from one of our most essential product lines, Dr. Bernd Friedlander’s collagen products, is twofold. First, we can now recommend his collagen products for PETS.

Dr. Friedlander’s own cat demonstrates substantial improvement in his energy, coat and bone density since that cat is getting the collagen peptides plus amino acids.

For a small animal use 6 – 8 grams, for a large dog use 8 – 15 grams.  Either mix the collagen into wet food or mix it into some slightly warmed chicken broth and pour it over their food. Yum!


The second announcement from Dr. Friedlander regards the absorbability of his collagen peptides. As you may know, Dr. Friedlander has secured and exclusive source of the finest collagen from grass-fed European cattle and his processing utilizes enzymes INSTEAD of acids or heat.  The size of his collagen peptide molecules is the smallest on the market.  This means it is the most absorbable.  And this means that it is super easy for your body to incorporate his collagen supplement into repairing YOUR own tissues.

Best collagen for absorption, healing and body building.

Collagen Peptides Plus Amino Acids is the favorite of most customers!

Collagen Peptides with Amino Acids (our best seller) supplies 4 additional amino acids to support tissue repair and wound healing:

  • Glycine – muscle growth, helps release human growth hormone (HGH) which is essential for tissue repair, glycine is required for producing glutathione & glucose tolerance factor (GTF)
  • L-glutamine – taking collagen is known to heal the gut and glutamine is the reason why, and it’s also essential for muscle building- may as well have extra!
  • Taurine – repair for brain, heart and liver
  • Carnitine – Production of energy at the mitochondria level, strengthens heart tissue and ability to exercise, helps memory


We usually have some of our favorite products on sale so that you will be interested to try them.  But NOW we have the entire line of Dr. Bernd Friedlander’s products on sale for 15% OFF !  This gives you an opportunity to stock up … or try new products.  I’d recommend the vitamin C serum for your skin as it is definitely the BEST !

The very BEST solution for killing MRSA

A clinical study of over 300 patients showed 67% of skin sores that refused to heal for over a year actually closed within 1 week, and all closed and healed within 5 weeks.


Also on sale for 15% off are two of our MRSA products (good for any chronic infection & also for preventing MRSA). Silver Biotics for MRSA & ASAP Gel for MRSA work great and are most effective when you take both.  So take advantage of our sale and get a few.  Silver Biotics also kicks candida and fungus right off your body.

Sale starts today, August 18th and runs until LABOR DAY, September 5th.  Come on down!

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Collagen Supplement Maintains Bone Size and Shape

The world of collagen supplements is full of beauty and health and science.  But the latest scientific revelation really shocked us.

If you can stretch your imagination to consider that facial wrinkles actually deliver a benefit … then you might also think that no one would really be willing to make the trade-off to receive THAT benefit.

Well, around the beginning of the year a study was published that linked facial wrinkles (their depth,  length and number) to … both high and low bone density.

Young female skull on the left, aged female skull on the right.

Facial bones shrink over time and cause a reduction of the bony foundation of the face.

And the conclusions drawn were a little scary.

It seems that the presence of facial wrinkles is linked with bone loss!  At this point, any reader who possesses a wrinkle may already be starting to sweat.

So, the “benefit” you get from your wrinkles is an early warning that the facial changes you see in your mirror mean some degenerative changes are underway at a deeper level of your body.  See what I mean … a rather dismal blessing. Continue reading

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Hydrolyzed Collagen Supplement for Digestion, Anti-Aging & Accelerated Healing

Coconut protein, hydrolyzed collagen, and colostrum plus cofactor vitamins and minerals.

Athletic performance, body building, and healing are all packed into this 1 lb. 8 oz tub!

Collagen supplements are the modern form of the rich bone broths that our great grandparents used to eat on a regular basis. The current dietary trend is aimed away from eating the whole animal including connective tissue, bone tips and the gelatin that grandma used to cook out of chickens or fish for her family.  However, our hydrolyzed collagen supplement can serve the modern health enthusiast who does not have days free to cook nutritious meals and instead relies on what he can purchase in a health food store or an online web store.

At Vitamin Monkey, we’ve found that Dr. Bernd Friedlander Collagen Peptides with Amino Acids is the collagen supplement of choice.  The easy absorption of the finest collagen peptides and high grade amino acids makes this the perfect supplement to prevent many of the signs of premature aging.  Possibly this effect is due to collagens ability to heal and restore the GI tract.  Collagen supports Continue reading

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FASTEST Way to Get CLEAN of MRSA: the pHenomenal Water MRSA Treatment

Better than a MRSA Cure, because it enables your body to cure-it-yourself!

Better than a MRSA Cure, because it enables your body to cure-it-yourself!

pHenomenal Gel and pHenomenal Water work fast as a MRSA treatment and MRSA cure.  Known by most as the “un-cure”,  pHenomenal Water Concentrate turns your normal distilled water into an alkaline health spa.

Reports have reached us of pHenomenal water resolving a MRSA attack so that the person stopped having both itchiness and new break-outs within one month.  Skin lesions respond to the pHenomenal Gel in record time, a week or less.

Most of the customers who have used this product and reported back tell us that their boils or open sores start to close within three days.  Within a week many of the pimples and bumps shrink and lose their angry, red color.  New pink skin begins growing in areas that were raw, pus-filled and even bloody, usually within two weeks.

Mothers with infants are increasingly plagued by MRSA.  The diaper region is particularly susceptible to MRSA.  Faces, noses, and legs are other favorite places that MRSA may enter the body and establish a foothold in kids with MRSA. Continue reading

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Successful MRSA Treatment with pHenomenal Water Additive & Gel

pHenomenal Gel usually give you control over open sores in one week.

This Gel shows results within days.

The Quickest Method to Alkalize the Body

The feedback we’ve been getting about pHenomenal Water Additive and pHenomenal Gel for topical use for open MRSA infection has been great!  We now personally know 4 people locally who have stopped their MRSA outbreaks with pHenomenal.  These range from elders over age 90 to people in their 30s.  I also spoke with a women who used it to heal her pet’s infection and his wounds have now closed –  after the vet was recommending she put her animal down. This MRSA treatment information is essential for you to learn.

A basic concept to learn from the pHenomenal website is that MRSA does not respond to antibiotics because of MRSA’s pH aspects.  Healing your MRSA is definitely a pH issue that your must address.  I’ve also learned that MRSA uses a special enzyme weapon to disable our immune system, and it’s actually an easy to understand fact that has been known about MRSA for decades, but not used by doctors who are trained to only use drugs. Continue reading

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Delicious Collagen Supplement Promotes “Fast Healing”

Most delicious frothy pink grapefruit collagen crust

Satisfying Juicy Pink Grapefruit Collagen Crush Libation

My first adventure with collagen supplements took place in 1983 when I learned about a fast healing protocol that sports doctors were using for athletes’ injuries.  Dr. Bernd Friedlander, sports physician,  had formulated this Fast Healing Protocol using specific amino acids, mineral co-factors, and vitamin C.

Ball teams needed a sports doctor for several reasons, first – to help prevent injuries, second – when the players do sustain an injury, the sports doctor helps the player to heal quickly so he can get back to the playing field.

Dr. Bernd Friedlander’s fast healing protocol was based on loading the body with the necessary nutrients  to produce connective tissue, or collagen.  Back then he utilized l-proline.  But as time went by, it became clear that free form amino acids were not the best choice.  Collagen peptides, derived from organic cattle provided the purest source of collagen that had superior bio-availability. Continue reading

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Collagen Supplement Averts the American Epidemic of Weak Connective Tissue

Click through on this image, download the free ebook and read about weak collagen.

Strong collagen means strong arteries that do not need to call for cholesterol to patch cracks and leaks. Click on the above image to download a FREE ebook on weakened collagen, by Dr. Rath, MD

A silent epidemic of abnormally weak collagen is rampant in western culture (wherever the western diet prevails) and the best solution is a specially formulated collagen supplement.  This structural weakness is the physiological foundation of many of the popular degenerative “diseases”.  For those of you who need the solution to this problem in the first paragraph … the most comprehensive solution to the problem of weak collagen and the inescapable aging that follows is to supplement with collagen peptides with amino acids, which give all the proteins necessary to form new tissue, and are easy to digest and absorb.  You must also add vitamin C complex and a good multi-mineral, and you will build a solid foundation for tissue regeneration! Continue reading

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Vitamin C Mystery

Unless your fruit is tree ripened and fresh the vitamin C content will be diminished.

Unless your fruit is tree ripened and fresh the vitamin C content will be diminished.

VITAMIN C IS AN ENIGMA … yet it is not controversial at all. Science gladly admits the necessity of vitamin C supplement in every human’s diet.  Vitamin C is a full-fledged essential nutrient.  That means that every person REQUIRES vitamin C each and every day! Do you wonder why?  It is a truly strange and wonderful tale!

First let’s look at the animal kingdom on planet earth.  All the animals (except humans, primates, and guinea pigs) make their own vitamin C right in their own bodies.  That’s right.  Animals such as tigers, turkeys, mules, squirrels, crocodiles, etc. all make their own vitamin C in either their liver or in their kidney.  Do you frown and wonder why they can and we can’t? Continue reading

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For the anti-aging set: N-ACETYL GLUCOSAMINE just keeps giving

FlexProtex-D is based on N-acetyl Glucosamine, the absorbable form of glucosamine.

FlexProtex-D offers anti-aging nutrition.

Which is the best all-in-one product to prevent aging?

Several of you have asked if there is one single nutrient that will provide all around benefits for anti-aging.  And of course, there are many nutrients that deliver multiple benefits, such as vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, omega 3 fatty acids, and the list goes on.

However, if someone asks us to recommend a single PRODUCT that can deliver huge anti-aging support throughout the entire body and even in the brain, we’d select FlexProtex-D.  And the reasons will become very obvious when you look at the ingredients that are blended into the FlexProtex-D formula.

The foundation of FlexProtex-D is 998 mg  of a proprietary blend containing of n-acetyl glucosamine (NAG), a special sugar that is superior to glucosamine as far as the body’s ability to incorporate it into joint tissue.  You may have heard that some recent studies say that plain glucosamine doesn’t work very well.  Well, this is only true because the body must provide a particular enzyme in order for glucosamine to be converted into N-acetyl glucosamine (NAG), the only form that the body can actually use.  Many of us do not have enough of this enzyme and for this group of us, taking plain glucosamine is useless.  HOWEVER,… N-acetyl glucosamine (NAG) is complete (it’s acetylated) and can be easily used by the body.  Hurray! Continue reading

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