Instead of
pHenomenal water
we now carry
2 new more effective
MRSA treatments
that actually kill MRSA!

pHenomenal Water vs
Silver Biotics for MRSA

pHenomenal Water, our previous product, tried to eliminate MRSA by alkalizing your blood and sores.

But now, for people seeking a MRSA treatment that works, we've found a MUCH MORE effective solution and gel, called American Biotech Labs SILVER BIOTICS for MRSA.

Check our MRSA Treatments page for more information.

If antibiotics fail, you need a natural MRSA solution ... and Silver Biotics for MRSA is our recommendation

Let's compare
Phenomenal Water for MRSA with Silver Biotics for MRSA.

    Silver Biotics for MRSA - 16 oz
  • Silver Biotics for MRSA, manufactured by American Biotech Labs, actually has been shown in clinical studies to stop MRSA, specifically, to close and heal MRSA wounds. In one study of over 300 patients, the MRSA infected wounds had been active and non-closing for over a year. 67% of the MRSA infection wounds closed within one week and all completely closed and healed within five weeks with use of the ASAP Gel for MRSA.
  • We do not know of any hospital studies of Phenomenal Water for MRSA and could find no such studies that demonstrate Phenomenal Water efficacy. We could only find anecdotal success stories for Phenomenal Water.
  • American Biotech Labs medical silver sol (Silver Biotics & ASAP Gel for MRSA) has been approved by the FDA against anthrax, bubonic plague, MRSA, SARS, malaria.
  • We can not find any record of FDA approval for Phenomenal Water.
  • Silver Biotics for MRSA has been recommended by an ex-surgeon general who is now head of the Integrative Center for Homeland Security to be stockpiled against bio-terrorism because it is so effective at killing pathogens.
  • Phenomenal Water does not kill pathogens but instead clams to alkalize the body.
  • Silver Biotics was patented in 2006 with claims for killing MRSA and other pathogens such as parasites, fungus, yeast, mold, and virus. Over 6,000,000 bottles have been sold.
  • We could not find any use-patent for Phenomenal Water with health claims or disease stopping claims.
  • Silver Biotics is manufactured in a GMP facility in Utah and packed in polystyrine bottles that are not degraded by it's chemical composition.
  • We could not find any record of GMP manufacturing for Phenomenal Water.

What is Silver Biotics for MRSA and how does it work?

The scientists who invented Silver Biotics for MRSA used 10,000 volts of AC electric current to permanently structure Ag4O4 in water. 10ppm of nano particles of pure silver with specific valence are bonded to oxygen in a crystalline lattice. These particles are small enough to enter a red blood cell. Please see our product pages for more details on the several ways Silver Biotics kills MRSA and helps the body to heal.

What is Phenomenal Water & how does it work?

We have been unable to find a list of ingredients for Phenomenal Water on the label or on the source website. The inventor of the pHenomenal Product Line claims that pHenomenal water alkalizes the body and that removes the MRSA.

If you experience any of the following:
  • MRSA
  • deep abcess
  • untreatable acne
  • cellulitis
  • boils
  • carbuncles
  • surgical wounds that won't heal
Your body will be helped by Silver Biotics for MRSA.

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