Health Concerns

VitaminMonkey believes that most of us in the 21st century suffer from some type of malnutrition, ... country and city dwellers alike. Be it caused by a diet that is overcooked, a diet that is too narrow, or a problem with absorption (so that we are unable to benefit from all the foods and supplements that we take), these missing nutrients can contribute to many health concerns that we face today, such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, etc.

Certain "aging" can be attributed to faulty digestion. Missing digestive enzymes, simple malabsorption, or lack of HCl, pepsin or bile can make unavailable the nutrient factors our bodies need for tissue repair, even though we eat foods that contain these nutrients. Without sufficient tissue repair we soon see the "signs of aging".

Blood sugar, joint pain, poor digestion and heart health are some of the issues we address here.

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