This MRSA Infection Treatment Restores Your Freedom

"MRSA infection takes away your confidence, your time, your relationships, your money & your peace of mind."

When you find the right MRSA treatment you'll be FREE to:

  • Have smooth, clear skin without boils or eruptions
  • Safely touch your friends, children or spouse
  • Wear any clothing you like, with confidence
  • Participate in the activities of your choice, without worries
  • Be fully active and at ease in your workplace

You'll get your life back again as the cycle of MRSA infection ends

You'll be free of repetitive trips to the doctor's office; hours spent tending MRSA infection eruptions, or expensive antibiotics that don't really do the job!

Silver Biotics and ASAP MRSA Gel are the only MRSA treatments that have been shown to stop MRSA infection in the human body, NOT in Petri dishes! And these two MRSA treatment products work together. Act right now to end MRSA infection in your body!

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ASAP MRSA Gel - 4 oz

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Silver Biotics for MRSA - 16 oz

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Responses Regarding Silver Biotics for MRSA and ASAP MRSA Gel:

Douglas from Montreal writes:
"A buddy of mine was infected with MRSA and his doctor planned to cut off his toe within a week. He tried Silver Biotics for MRSA as well as the gel over ten to twelve days. After which he could walk without pain and even wear shoes. It absolutely rescued his foot."

Pamela from Atlanta writes:
"Thought Id tell you about my experience with Silver Biotics for MRSA. MRSA caused me many months of pain and anguish. I had about 5 or 6 sores on my legs and feet and it even hurt to walk. So I thought Id try this silver. In 3 weeks the sores had dried up and started to disappear. Thank you!"

The US Surgeon General, P. K. Carlton, M.D. (Director of Integrative Center for Homeland Security) recommended:
"I would like to bring to your attention a resource that I see can be utilized in the area of bio-defense ... The antimicrobial (Silver Biotics) has undergone rigorous testing and has been found to kill Anthrax, Bubonic Plague, Hospital Staph (MRSA), and SARS. It is the first new anti-microbial for the hospital in many years."

The FDA has approved a similar medical version of this same product. Many doctors recommend Silver Biotics for MRSA and ASAP MRSA Gel.

What's The Best Way to Use Silver Biotics and ASAP MRSA Gel?

Silver Biotics for MRSA and ASAP MRSA Gel (topical) are best used together against MRSA, and require no prescription.

  • Application of ASAP MRSA Gel will stop infection, skin rash and boils.
  • Use Silver Biotics for MRSA to kill the MRSA infection that has gotten into your bloodstream (and the tissues where your blood circulates).
  • Using BOTH topical and internal MRSA treatments at the same time is the key to killing MRSA.
  • Prolonged use of Silver Biotics will NOT make your MRSA stronger so you can continue use until you are truly MRSA free

Preventive Use of Silver Biotics to Stop the Spread of MRSA>

Silver Biotics for MRSA may be used for both prevention and treatment of MRSA. Protect your whole family. If you have an infection, they do not need to catch it too. Caregivers will want the preventive protection of ASAP MRSA Gel and Silver Biotics for MRSA.

With Silver Biotics for MRSA, your whole family will get protection from MRSA, bronchitis, other upper respiratory infections, gum disease, candida albicans, yeast infection, malaria, ear and eye infections, sore throat, toenail fungus, mastitis, and so much more.

The Most Cost Effective Solution For MRSA Is Silver Biotics for MRSA and ASAP MRSA Gel

We supply only the family size Silver Biotics for dealing with MRSA. Recommended use: 2 teaspoons of Silver Biotics 3 times daily, at least 20 minutes before food, is suggested for the average SIZED person. 2 applications of ASAP Gel daily to the area all around the problem area is what we recommend. Both 16 oz. Silver Biotics for MRSA and 4 oz. tube of ASAP MRSA Gel will last about one month for the average sized person.

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A Deeper Understanding of MRSA, and how Silver Biotics & ASAP MRSA Gel Work

Silver Biotics Proves It is Effective Against MRSA in the Human Body

Silver Biotics for MRSA and ASAP MRSA Gel have been shown to stop MRSA in the bodies of seniors who have endured MRSA infections for over a year. Simultaneous treatment using both Silver Biotics for MRSA and ASAP MRSA Gel worked to stop these infections. But how long did it take them to heal?

In this 300 person clinical trial of ASAP MRSA Gel and Silver Biotics for MRSA 67% of these peoples' wounds closed within one week, and all (100%) were totally healed within 5 weeks.

Why Does Your MRSA Come Back?

MRSA comes back when stress overwhelms your defenses (immune system). Stress is hard to anticipate because it is different for everyone. But there are some things that stress and lower the immunity of everyone such as negative emotions, bad diet, lack of exercise, over consumption of alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

80% of your immune system is comprised of the good bacteria in your gut. But sugar and refined starches like bread and pasta feed the bad bacteria, fungi and yeast in the intestine, which then kill your good bacteria. When the bad microbes outnumber the beneficial bacteria your immune system is so busy fighting e-coli that it cannot tackle MRSA as well. Your immune system is simply overwhelmed.

This decreased immunity lets MRSA restart the cycle of infection. Back to the doctor!

Silver Biotics Does NOT Kill the Good Bacteria in Your Gut, Just the Nasty Ones

It's amazing but Silver Biotics does not harm the good bacteria that live in your gut. However, it is attracted to the nasty microbes because they have a different charge, and it kills them. That's one way Silver Biotics for MRSA protects and strengthens your immune system. MOST IMPORTANT, Silver Biotics for MRSA kills the MRSA organisms, within your body.

How Can Your MRSA Come Back If Your Lab Results Said It Was "Cured"?

  1. You only THINK that it was cured! You think that MRSA is gone because you have no symptoms! But MRSA is really hiding on some part of your skin or still living in your tissues in a place that has poor circulation, MRSA may have gone dormant, or you may have quit your antibiotics a bit too soon.
  2. MRSA blood tests can be inaccurate if MRSA infection is not full blown. A false negative on a test is the reason that MRSA comes back ... in reality MRSA was never gone. It was only dormant.
  3. Your MRSA is in a state called "colonized". When you are "colonized" MRSA is in your body but it is causing no symptoms or sickness. It does not make you sick unless you are wounded or contract another infection or your body is aggravated or over-stressed.

Your Time, Your Money, & Your Body Will All Be Free From MRSA

Each time MRSA comes back you spend hours tending skin eruptions, sitting in the doctor's waiting room, waiting for lab tests to come back, scouring the internet for OTC preparations to fight MRSA, not to mention working overtime to pay for anything that will stop this stubborn bacteria. When you are MRSA free you can reclaim huge chunks of time ... time to pamper yourself by going on that hunting trip, reading that best seller, going for workouts at the gym, taking long walks, visiting the spa, or just laying in the sun and getting a tan! You'll feel confident that you will not infect your children, friends or co-workers. You won't get fired from your job because you have an infection. You'll be able to take advantage of important social interactions.

Heal Faster and Save on the Cost of Expensive Treatments

Antibiotic overuse is what created MRSA, but you may still wish to have your physician oversee your use of Silver Biotics for MRSA. Many doctors already recommend Silver Biotics for MRSA to patients. In fact, it has been shown that Silver Biotics for MRSA helps your pharmaceutical drugs be more effective. And the money you will save will put a smile on your wallet's face. Silver Biotics for MRSA will also save you money by protecting you from staph, strep and other common bacterial infections as well as candida (yeast) and fungus infections.

Order Your Silver Biotics for MRSA and ASAP MRSA Gel to Stop MRSA in its Tracks!

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