Hydrolyzed Collagen Supplements

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Hydrolyzed Collagen Supplements by Dr. Bernd Friedlander are foundational for anti-aging, body-building, to speed healing from injuries or surgeries and for skin, nails and hair.

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Hydrolyzed collagen supplements come in varying purity and bio-availability. If you search the market place you will find collagen made from many sources such as chicken sternum, cow hide, bones, fish, and synthesized. At Vitamin Monkey we have selected the very best source of hydrolyzed collagen, Dr. Friedlander's Collagen Supplements, from grass-fed European cow hides. You'll find pure collagen peptides as well as formulas with additional amino acids and high performance collagen drink mixes. This array of products addresses specific needs and we've detailed them in ways that will help you determine which suits your requirements.


The skin is 75% collagen and it accounts for 90% of the skinís volume
Skin flexibility is a function of collagen holding water
Around age 25 the body begins to slowly lose collagen
Cellulite is improved with the use of collagen supplements


Coronary artery disease in which cholesterol fills up the arteries is a function of weak collagen repair
Collagen is vital for the lens and sclera of the eye
Weak, porous bones frequently contain a component of weak or slow-forming collagen in the bone matrix
Undesirable cell changes continues to progress but may be checked by lysine, present in collagen

Accelerated Healing

If the body is not loaded with the raw materials to make new collagen, healing after injury will be slowed

A fast healing protocol has existed for professional athletes that literally cuts healing time in half

Hydrolyzed Collagen supplements, such as the ones presented here, support fast healing from athletic injuries and surgeries

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