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The FarmaSea Blend of sea plants is stellar! "We go to great depths for your health!" _ Scott Kennedy, co-formulator and founder of FarmaSea Health, LLC.

At FarmaSea Health, Dr. Stefan Kraan, PhD, Marine Botany, is the co- formulator of SeaVeg products and is a top expert in the study of sea plants. (photo above)

The more you know about nutrition the better Original Sea Veg and Super Sea Veg look. FarmaSea created a blend of 12 red, green and brown sea vegetables from pristine sources, in Iceland, Ireland, France and Asia. These blends contain intense bio-available nutrition that will support your body's ability to thrive and to heal itself.

The Japanese, known to have the greatest health and longevity on the planet, eat an average of seven (7) grams of sea plants each day (14 of our capsules), however they do not receive the blend of red, brown and green sea plants found in our FarmaSea Blend of Sea Plants! Eat 3-6-9 Super Sea Veg in a day, and watch the results show in improved blood and overall health!

Scott Kennedy has made the creation of seaweed supplements his passion for 28 years. Scott shares his goal, "To bring the most powerful nutrition on earth to my family, my loyal and healthy clients and the struggling masses... My number one priority is creating the most powerful dietary FOOD pill in history with the FarmaSea blend of sea Plants."

We think that you'll love this brand as much as we do!

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