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Dr. Bernd Friedlander has been developing products for health, beauty, bodybuilding and anti-aging for the last 27 years. Friedlander's products are science based and on the cutting edge, with innovative ingredients such as collagen peptide, MCT oils, colostrom and probiotics. Dr. Friedlander provided sports medicine services for many professional and Olympic athletes and accelerated healing protocols. He also worked with Hollywood TV and movie actors and trainers to provide specific anti-aging methods and products.
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Dr. Bernd Friedlander products offer anti-aging benefits, accelerated healing results, and specializes in collagen supplements, collagen peptides, and products to support health and eliminate physical degeneration. Friedlander's cosmetic line is built on science, nature and uses only the top ingredients that are known to be safe.

Bernd Friedlander, DC is a researcher, developer, and recognized authority in the fields of nutrition, preventative medicine, bio-electro/ vibrational energies, exercise physiology, regenerative nutritional product development and regenerative cosmetic product development. His products reflect his dedication. Over the years he has formulated products for his patients needs and for other well known physicians.

Collagen supplements, that include only the very best collagen, manufactured by enzymatic processing, is foundational to his line of products. Dr. Friedlander insists on this quality of collagen supplement as it is the only type of collagen that will deliver the collagen peptides that he finds truly absorptive. Hydrolyzed collagen is a type of collagen, but without the special processing that he specifies, the same outstanding results will not be obtained.

One of the main topics that Bernd Friedlander discusses is the restriction of a particular set of amino acids and how this restriction supports rejuvenation. The amino acid profile of Dr. Friedlander's Collagen Supplements automatically fulfill this life-extending restriction of that set of amino acids. His hydrolyzed collagen also provides precisely the correct nutrients to support accelerated healing. The study of quick wound healing goes back at least 30 years for Dr. Bernd Friedlander. His work with professional ball players focused on quickly healing their injuries so that they could get back into the game and play with total confidence.

Friedlander noted that bone breaks could be healed in half the time by loading the injured players with particular nutrients. In fact, he also found additional elements that would make the healing not only quick, but also strong. By this is meant that the collagen produced by the player's body was grade A collagen and elastin. So you see, years and years of study have gone into the formulation of Dr. Bernd Friedlander products.

Back to the cosmetic products Ö letís look at Vitamin C Serum. It is accepted that skin levels of vitamin C are almost impossible to maintain with use of oral vitamin C and most forms of vitamin C do not demonstrate enough stability to be used topically. Dr. Friedlander uses a form of vitamin C that was developed by a well known pharmaceutical company. This form is stable in an aqueous solution and also provides a bioavailable form of vitamin C in a pH controlled solution. What makes it special is that this form of vitamin C is not activated until it is absorbed into the skin. That is why this form of vitamin C does not oxidize in the bottle. A particular exzyme found in your skin reacts with Dr. Friedlanderís form of vitamin C after it is absorbed into the skin to then release the biologically active form of ascorbic acid known as L-ascorbic acid within the skin. Other vitamin C serums tend to be unstable and rapidly break down when added to cosmetic formulations resulting in a yellowish discoloration. Dr. Bernd Friedlander uses this patented form of pro-vitamin precursor of vitamin C. His formulation ensures a constant delivery of vitamin C into the skin.

Years of working with cosmetic regenerative formulations has enabled Dr. Friedlander to produce a vitamin C Serum that has been shown to alleviate oxidative stress to the skin. Coming full circle, this form of vitamin C also helps support collagen synthesis in dermal fibroblasts.

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