Vitamin Monkey’s interest in health and “what it takes to obtain health” goes back to the 1950s. Bob Cummings and Jack LaLanne introduced us to juicing, health culture, exercise and yoga. In the ‘60s we began trying out the superfoods, juicing, olive oil, yoghurt, vitamin C, & fasting, and actively seeking the advantage that vitamins could bring. In the ‘70s we learned about Pearson & Shaw, LInus Pauling, amino acids, brain integration therapies, and then the ‘80s brought us live-cell blood analysis, raw glandulars, trace minerals, Chinese herbs, cranberry juice, gelatin, essential fatty acids, and energy medicine. The ‘90s brought us stabilized rice bran, qigong, pranayama, optimizing sleep, and many other molecules and methods for raising the body’s health. Vitamin monkey loves to share the bounty he collected, … so dig in. The Vitamin Monkey website is a treasure trove of valuable information for the extreme health seeker.

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