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Ultra Blend 6-pack (Probiotic)


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A unique blend of bifidobacterium and bacillus natto strains (Bacillus Subtilus) of microorganisms plus inulin.
Bificobacterium is a very beneficial organism that originated in the human organism rather than a bacteria that originated in cows milk, such as acidophillus. We are born with bifidobacterium, which we inherited from our mothers.

Bacillus Subtilis is a very special organism that increases production of Vitamin K in the gut.

We must continually ingest probiotics on a daily basis. A primitive diet would include many bacteria, but since we now sterilize our foods before eating, we do not benefit from the many sources of naturally occurring probiotics, such as the soil. We lose a large percentage of our gut flora every day through elimination.

* supports calcium uptake and bone growth

* supports uptake of the B Vitamins, especially Vitamin B-12

* supports the natural synthesis of Vitamin K in the gut

* supports healthy immune function and the production of Natural Killer Cells

* supports gut function and improves digestion

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