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FarmaSea Health announces our new and improved Super Sea Veg with Vitamin D and Sea Cal. This is the new Multi-nutritional dietary FOOD supplement. Each serving contains 450 mgs of the FarmaSea Blend of Sea Plants. In addition, each serving (3 capsules) contains 2260 mgs of Vitamin D3 and 340 mgs of Aqua-Min® (Sea Cal®) which is a vegetable calcium derived from red sea plants.

Sea Cal is the most bio-available and absorbable calcium on the market today, containing 90% Calcium and Magnesium in the perfect amounts, with the 10% remaining made up of trace minerals from red algae.

Vitamin D is known to have far-reaching health benefits and is especially necessary for those people who do not receive an abundance of sunlight. Sea Plants, Calcium and Vitamin D make a perfect Multi-Nutritional Supplement!

Vitamin D3 has been studied extensively and is known as the “most important vitamin.” Sea Plants are the only plants which synthesize any significant vegetable Vitamin D in their tissues, just like humans do. Sea Plants have no root structure, and live only on light and sea water. The giant plants which we harvest from Asia, Ireland, France and Iceland, are known to grow up to two feet in one day, concentrating vegetable compounds within their fronds.

Super Sea Veg contains vegetable iodine, so necessary for proper thyroid function, brain function, healthy hair, nails, skin, proper sleep, weight normalization and overall metabolism. This crucial nutrient is not found in the Western diet because it is not found in the soil, but is abundant in the sea. This lack prompted the government to add pharmaceutical manufactured Potassium iodide (not iodine) to the salt supply in the U.S. Once your thyroid begins to utilize the true vegetable iodine in our 100% natural supplement, it will slough-off the false iodide and your metabolism will change for the better and you will move towards the superior biological health, wellness and longevity which the Asians who eat sea plants daily ... enjoy!

The Japanese, known to have the greatest health and longevity on the planet, eat an average of seven (7) grams of sea plants each day (14 of our capsules), however they do not receive the blend of red, brown and green sea plants found in our FarmaSea Blend of Sea Plants! Eat 3-6-9 Super Sea Veg in a day, and watch the results show in improved blood and overall health!

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