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"Original" Sea Veg (originally called Sea Veg, Sea Vegg and Super Sea Veg) has been the most powerful and successful 100% vegetable dietary FOOD supplement, in the history of the supplement industry, with over 3 million bottles sold, since 1999.

Sea Veg now comes in a two months supply - 180ct bottles (formerly 90ct), and contains the FarmaSea Blend of Sea Plants. FarmaSea Health imports these powerful plants by the metric ton, from Ireland, Iceland, France and Asia, with the help of Dr. Stefan Kraan, Ph. D. in Marine Botany. Every batch is tested and safe.

Species of green, red and brown sea plants make up our blend, and is the most extensive blend of sea plants ever created in history.

When sea plants are added to the daily diet, even in small amounts, profound improvements take place in our biological health. These changes begin with the vegetable iodine found naturally occurring in our supplements (the thyroid must have this) along with every mineral and vitamin known, and hundreds of phyto (plant) chemicals, each with a role to play in our overall health.

Japanese and Korean people consume over 7 grams of sea plants each day, and their health and wellness can be traced back to their diet from the sea. Fish are considered health food, mainly because they consume sea plants all day long.

By ingesting this Multi-Nutritional Sea Veg each and every day, we can feed ourselves plants that are extremely nutritious, our cells recognize, made in Nature’s Laboratory.

Sea Veg supplies the #1 needed nutrient…MINERALS! "Every second of every day your body depends on minerals to generate billions of tiny electric impulses throughout your nervous system. Your heart would stop, your muscles would freeze, and your brain would black out if these minerals were not available in just the right amounts and the right form... " __ author and seaweed expert, Shep Erhart.

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